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What is the average car insurance price?

What is the average car insurance price?$1,800. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

What is the average price range for car insurance for a sixteen year old boy in Ohio?

Reaction Depends on what kind of vehicle and where in Ohio. Insurance companies base it on number of claims paid per zip code and dollar amounts to repair certian vehicles. Insuring a sixteen year old on a high spectacle car in a populated city will be higher than a 16 year old on an 82 Corolla in rural areas.

What is the average price of a car?

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Depends on the make/model/year/condition/size. Of course brand fresh cars/models are more expensive than used cars. The engine modification can also determine the price of a car. If the car is on diesel, gasoline, hybrid, or if it is converted. The size of the car also matters. Petite cars are cheaper than regular size cars to sedans. Sample of petite cars are Wise Cars, yaris and most hatch back. This petite cars can also give you a good value for your fuel money. Of course, brand/manufacturer also matters. Ferrari cannot be cheaper than a Toyota (not unless it is a use car, there is a very puny chance that a brand fresh Ferrari can be priced as a brand fresh Toyota). The specifications can also make a car cheaper/expensive. Specifications like AWD, FWD,RWD,4WD, spoilers, tints, manual or automatic, etc. You’re location can also switch a cars price. The government tax cars differently in countries. You can make use of online cars classifieds to compare car prices.Also the average car cost Ten,000 dollars.

What is the average cost of car insurance?

“Auto insurance will vary greatly on many factors: make/age of vehicle, safety features (airbags, etc), age and driving record of the individual, with possible discounts for being a homeowner. It will also depend upon if you are requesting liability only vs. utter coverage. It’s difficult to quote an average without knowing specifics.” ResponseAccording to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the average cost of car insurance in the U.S. was $795 in 2007. When compared to average costs by state, however, it’s clear that location can make a big difference. For example: Fresh York: $1,047Texas: $808California: $800The average car insurance price assumes that all insured vehicles include liability coverage, the minimum auto insurance requirement in most states, but does not reflect the total of liability as well as collision and comprehensive coverage — because not all auto policies include all three coverage types. The NAIC reports that states with greater premiums tend to be very urban — with higher wages and price levels — and wield a higher traffic density. Other factors that affect the cost of insurance include: auto insurance laws, labor costs for repairs, car-theft rates and liability coverage requirements.

Average cost of car insurance?

$150.00. Does this help you? There are far too many factors that gointo computing an insurance rate to reaction on a forum like this. Toproperly compute an insurance rate you need: Year, make, model,serial number, dob of insured, all drivers information, allhousehold residents information, drivers license numbers, socialsecurity numbers, driving records, accidents or claims records,prior insurance carriers, garaging address, vehicle usage, etc.There are far too many factors that go into figuring insurance so aquestion like this can’t be answered here.

Average insurance prices?

Your insurance can vary based on fairly a few variables, call a local insurance agent for a precise quote.

What is the average price of a car in the US?

As of April 2012, the average price of a fresh car was $30,303 reports Forbes.

What is the average cost for car insurance?

The average cost for car insurance is around 1500 dollars a year.The cost will vary depending on driving record, make and model ofcar and other factors.

Average price of an import car?

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Considering that a Porsche, Ferrari, Kia and Diahatsu are all imports, you need to be a little more specific…. Average price for a foreign family sedan, foreign sports car, sport utility…. etc.

What is the average price for renters insurance?

In North Carolina, $25,000 in coverage will run anywhere inbetween $75.00 to $150.00 per year depending on the deductible, construction type (framework or brick), and zip code.

What is the average car insurance cost?

Premiums depend upon a multitude of factors, including the insurer, the coverages selected, geographic area, miles driven, and age and driving record of the primary and secondary drivers. Therefore, there is no “average”. The best bet is to contact a licensed insurance agent/broker in your community.

What is the average price for commercial insurance in Indiana?

Well it depends on a few different things. The very first is what type of busienss you want to insure, where it is located, what boundaries do you need, and what are the sales/payroll/square footage of your business. .
Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more! .

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State Insurance Department websites:.

How much is the average car insurance?

Your insurance can vary based on fairly a few variables, call some insurance agents for a quote.

What is the average car insurance price?

How much is the average car price?

It depends how high class you want your car. A BMW X6 fresh is more then $14,000.

What is the average price of a used car?

It truly depends on the condition and age of the car. An older model, fair condition car could be as low as $Two,000. A better, newer, cleaner car could be $Ten,000 or more. It depends on how fresh you want the car to be.

What is the average price for renters insurance in Seattle?

There are too many variables to provide an response here. The best way to find out is to contact a local agent or agency and ask for quotes or at least a ballpark estimate.

Average price of a 2009 car?

The price of a 2009 car is around $12,000-$20,000 it indeed depends what car you want the can be cars for more or less than those amounts

What was the average price of a car in 1999?

the average price of a carin 1999 was about $309,999 the reason wht was because the econpmy was so good that people woul dbut a used car for 309,999 it sounds crazy,but i asked my grandma!

What is the average price for RV insurance?

Average price of RV insurance can vary. If you need total loss replacement then price of insurance may be high. Also price of RV insurance depends on vehicle condition i.e. fresh or used vehicle. You can ask for RV insurance quote online, compare rates and offers and choose the best RV insurance.

What is the average price of car insurance?

There is no “average” price to car insurance. Everyone’s needs are different depending on your gender, age, how long you have had a license, and type of car, Experienced drivers may pay around 1500 a year while someone who is youthfull and has a sports car may cost them 3000 a year.

What is the average price for car rentals?

Prices vary so much, but area, supply and request, and depends how long your going to keep the car, that’s its almost unlikely to giver an avg rate. The rates are usually on a tier which means, so many people get one rate, then that rate gets sold out and then the rate goes up to the next rate… so on and so on. Area’s also can switch their own rates due to supply and request. You can call and ask for a rate and call back 30 mins later and its different…. But if you dreamed an educated guess I would aprox say 50 to 65 a day during the week35- 45 during the weekend. Hope that helps

What is the average price of a car in 2002?

The average price of a fresh car in 2002 was about 23,000 dollars.This varies greatly depending on the type of car and the optionschosen.

What was the average price of a car in 1910?

It was around $900 being that the model T was the only one availble at that time Oldsmobile produced the Curved Dash Olds Runabout from 1901 to 1907 and it sold for $650. Oldsmobile had a Limited Touring automobile available in 1910 that went for $Four,600.

What was the average price of a car in 1973?

It depends on the car type. Luxuary cars were about $30,000, economy were about 6-7,000.

What was the average price of a car in 1974?

the rate of car is ever same but varies due to switch in the economic look

Average price of a car in 1920?

In the late 1920s the Ford Model T sold for $290 or $,Three,290 in todays money. It was the cheapest car you could buy. Other cars sold for as much as $Trio,000.

What is the average car insurance price?

Average insurance price of a bentley gt?

Depends on your area, gender, age, and history. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

What is the minimum price of a car insurance?

It truly depends on what insurance you take. If you take a long valid one high price

In Florida what is the average price for renters insurance?

The cost for renters insurance in Florida starts at as little as $Ten per month, but depends on the amount of coverage, the type of property you are renting and other factors. You can check with companies like for a quote.

Average price of cars in 1977?

$Trio,500 was the average cost of a car. Adjusted for inflation that is $13,500 in 2012 money.

What is the average price for motorcycle insurance in AZ?

It is difficult to determine an average cost of insurance, no matter what state you live in. There are several factors in calculating the cost of motorcycle insurance for an individual. Some of these factors include your age, practice, driving record, location, etc. Insurance companies will also need to factor in what type of bike you are railing and what the value of that bike is. The best way to figure out what the cost of motorcycle insurance will be for you is to request a quote from a motorcycle insurance company. Here is one website that will permit you to request a motorcycle insurance quote online:

What is the average price for renter’s insurance in California?

The best way to find out is to contact a local agent or agency andask for quotes or at least a ballpark estimate.

Average cost for insurance for your car?

For fresh drivers (aged 17-20) £4000For a person having 2-3 year No Claim Bonus – £2000

What is average car insurance in Baltimore?

There are fairly a few factors that will determine how much insurance costs, I would call a local agent for a quote. t this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

What is the price of insurance for a car wash?

No way to give one response, since there is no ONE car wash. Typically you will have property insurance on the building and machinery, and liability insurance- for people that get hurt on the property, and cars that are bruised while in your care. Property insurace will be based on value of the property, type of construction, location and fire protection. Liability insurance is based on revenues, type of car wash, location, and history of losses. Depending on location, you may also need worker’s compensation insurace to cover workers.

What was average car price in 1975?

Without having a specific car being asked about, a good average would be around $Five,000.00.

What is the average price of a car in 1980?

Depends on whether you were buying fresh or used, but I CAN tell you they were MUCH CHEAPER than TODAY’S junk! For example, and I’m going back into the 70’s with this one. In 1973, I bought a 1968 Ford Thunderbird that had a more uncommon engine. Instead of the regular Thunderbird engine of that year, a 427 c i., MINE had a 427 THUNDER-JET engine which was slightly MORE POWERFUL than even a COBRA-JET engine. The car had 50,000 miles on it and I only paid, OFF A DEALER’S LOT, $700 for it! It had EVERYTHING. Those wrap aound back seats, all power equipment, and it felt like a jet when it’s going down the runway for take off whenever I stomped the gas and kicked in he passing gear! THOSE WERE THE DAYS! In the 80’s, MANY of the popular, hi-powered cars were gone, or stripped of those powerful engines. I was GLAD to see FORD take BACK the power with the fresh mustangs beginning in the later 90’s.

What is the average price of a car in 2011?

there is a difference in prices for import verse domestic. Domestic car prices were, on average, $23,922, whereas import prices were, on average, $31,636 as of August 2011.

What is the average car insurance price?

What is the average price for car-washing?

The most for a utter valet I’ve seen is £100, but a quick wash is 50p

What is the average price of a car in the 1970?

The average cost of a car in the early 1970’s of a fresh car was $3900.00 and by the late ’70’s it was $5770.00

Average price for cars in 1972?

average price of a car in 72 was in the Trio to Five thousand range depending on how you ordered it and the make.

How is a car insurance price calculated?

The car insurance company looks at all your background history as a driver they mostly look at what kind of car you have; where do you drive; how much do you drive; age; hook-up; martial status; and your credit history and then they calculate it depending on your answers.

What is the kicking off price for Diamond car insurance?

The beginning price for Diamond car insurance is 1284 United States dollars for a female, and the beginning price for a masculine is 2441 US dollars. These prices cover a year.

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What is the average price of commercial auto insurance?

There is no average cost of insurance. There are far too many factors and variables involved in rating an auto policy, especially a commercial auto policy. You can have a company that hauls dynamite and has ten trucks versus someone like UPS.

What are the average life insurance prices for fellows?

Price differentials vary utterly if the insured is youthful and healthy or old and sick. A 26 year old who does not smoke, for example, pays less than than an old man who is sick, and is a smoker. Many companies have different prices, but if you are a youthfull man you qualify for a cheap insurance.

Where can one get car insurance prices?

Car insurance prices can be found in a diversity of places. For example, one can go to an insurance agent, such as State Farm, American Family, and more.

Where could one find average pricing quotes on car insurance companies?

Car Insurance is available from many companies and its proce is dependent on many factors such as drivers age, car engine size, main location of the car etc. Therefor its possible to get a varied quote from car insurance companies. Companies that do comparison in prices over the phone or on the web are the best kicking off point.

What is the average price of a brainy car?

The average price of a brainy car is around the 13,000 dollar mark. The cheapest wise car on the market is the Unspoiled model for the price of 11,590 dollars.

What is the average price for a compact car?

Various fresh compact cars cost $11965, $12115, $16800, $17595, $17595, $16200, $34495, $18395, $18990, $18950, $14840, and $23745, respectively. Thus the average is $18473.75.

What are the average prices for car insurance for leaner drivers?

Insurance rates for persons who are just learning to drive can be a bit costly. Inexperienced drivers often pay more for insurance. Rates for masculines are also higher. Average rate for a one year policy can be approximately $2500 – $3000 per year.

What is the average of car insurance in the US?

Car insurance in the United States can range widely from state to state and driver to driver. There is now way to determine the average based solely on the parameters given.

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