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Car insurance coverage needed?

Car insurance coverage needed?If you are asking, “do you need car insurance to drive”, then yes you do. It is illegal to drive without it.

Do all financed cars in NJ need to have utter coverage insurance even if not driven?

Most finance companies would be able to reaction this for you. It will vary depending on the banking institution. Total coverage is a general assumption that you are covered meaning what you are “liable” for if you were sued because of negligence in addition to having Collision and Comphrehensive coverages. This means that you would have Bodily Injury Liability, Property Harm Liability and your damamges caused by you to the vehicle and by acts of GOD are covered. I personally think to have a car without total coverage is crazy even if it just sits in the yard or garage. It has been known for cars to be stolen while in a place too long. If you did not have comphrehensive then you are stuk with a loan and no car. Also there have been instances where kids or teenagers go into other peoples yards and sit around cars and hurt themselves acting like teenagers and you can be sued for Personaly Injury. These are two examples of cars that will get little or no use yet YOU could be held LIABLE for everything that happens. Do you have the money it takes to pay off a law suit? If so then No you can most likely afford not to get Utter coverage. Otherwise you will liberate your home and cars to pay for a lawsuit. Good Luck!

Can you get total coverage insurance on a salvage title car in Louisiana?

My insurance provider, Hanover, told me that they would only write liability coverage, and not total coverage on my truck that was flooded and totaled in Fresh Orleans.

If you repossess your car do you have to proceed insurance coverage on that vehicle?

I take it you mean, if your car IS repossessed. In that case, IF you dont plan to redeem it, NO. NO car, NO insurance. Once the lender repos the car, they are responsible for the insurance coverage.

What insurance coverage do you need for a ceramics business?

A Business owners package policy should cover your studio forsome property and the liability of your product and premesis. Youmight need to add on property coverage for your products if theyare expensive or you maintain a lot of inventory and I would becareful about how you value it for insurance purposes. If yourbusiness has employees you need work comp, if you have vehicles forthe business you need to get commercial auto insurance.

Can you get total coverage insurance on a salvage title car in Sacramento?

Response Yes with some companies you can. As long as repairs have been made. It could affect the amount you would get paid in event of loss however.

When your car is repossessed when do you cancel your insurance coverage?

The same day that you determine you aren’t getting it back. It would be wise to wait until then because if the bank repo’d it to kinda just remind you that being Trio payments behind isn’t a good thing, you might get it back and then you don’t have to go through the entire insurance application process again. ReactionYeah for sure do not cancel anything until it is no longer in your name either. I’d wait until the title transfer is finish as well. ReactionYou should cancel your insurance the moment your car is repossessed.The moment the car is hooked up(as the above two repo morons will tell you)it is no longer your car.So if you would like to cover someone elses vehicle with your insurance you go right ahead but you are wasting your money and your insurance coverage.Dishonest repo guys(like the above two scumbags) want you to keep the insurance on the vehicle so if they harm the car or steal stuff from it it will go on your insurance. Response Amendment: Never cancel an insurance policy until you have a fresh policy in place. If you do it will cost you more in the long run. Insurance companies are looking for loyalty and longevity without lapse in coverage. Sometimes you can possibly suspend, cancel or reduce coverage but never cancel it. The moment the vehicle is repossessed does not release you from the contract agreement. Read it. In most cases until the vehicle is transferred out of your name via the title of ownership, you must maintain physical harm coverage or they can force place it and take the premium out of the proceeds. Reduce to minimum but don’t cancel it.

What does the insurance company have to pay if you total your car with total coverage?

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They pay whatever the value is of your vehicle less the deductible..
The value they pay, in most cases, will be the trade-in value or average private sale value. Not enough to substitute the car even when you add the deductible..
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anything you do with the car or any one else but beware when claiming on insurance they will charge you more next time

What are your options on a totaled 2005 financed car that had no insurance coverage?

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You have no options! Should have got insurance.
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There are none. You have the joy of paying off a car you no longer have. Best thing to do is attempt and sell it for parts.

Do you truly need ununderinsured motorist coverage if your collision coverage covers the car harm and separate medical insurance covers injury treatment?

Underinsured motorist coverage protects YOU against the other driver not having enough coverage to treat your losses. Say they are at fault and carry 15/30/Ten (the minimum in most states, but even 25/50/20 if you want) – that means any one person they injure is covered for 15K max…to a total of 30K for all injured people – so if you had Trio people in the car the max payout would be 30K – with no one getting more than 15K. Your medical damages are 35K – actually a fairly puny amount considering todays costs. He is underinsured…you only get 15…pay the other 20. Your passengers, each of whom had say 25K of medical…they each look to you for the rest too (which because of the 30K max…which you used 15K of, is actually another 35K!). As to your car….he’s responsible for at fault damages to property…so if he only carries 10K property harm…and your car is worth 15…begin reaching for the checkbook. And if he shoved you into someones else’s car, or living room…welll…. The weird thing is without underinsured coverage…presuming your carrying something like 100/300 – your insuring the worthless slug for much more than he is providing for you. Even stranger…if he had no insurance….you would be covered up to your maximums anyway. It is a very inexpensive add on so i can’t see why it would be a place to skimp….just increase your deductible to truly save something.

Is total coverage insurance on a used car needed?

if you want coverage on ‘that’ vehicle yes…rule of thumb i always use is can i substitute this car without much trouble should it total? 2500.00 car yes, i could, 10k car, no i couldn’t…….and i weigh the cost of the premium for the collision and comp coverage on that vehicle…do coll and comp cost me 500 a year? well, in less than four years (due to depreciation) I’ve spent again what that 2500 car cost me……see?

How much car insurance coverage do you need?

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each state has a minimum you must carry, but these are min. for example the state i live in only requires 10k for property harm…that’s not almost can’t hardly get a good used car for 10k anymore…this min. would mean : you are at fault and the harm you caused to the other vehicle (or vehicles/fences etc..all harm caused from one accident to the property of others) was say 15k (not uncommon), your policy would/could only pay 10k and now you are left with 5k to pay… so you need to review it cautiously, i personally have 50k on property harm, and 100/300k on bodily injury and uninsured motorist…what both of those coverages are: 100k (limit) per person and 300k per accident for any injuries i cause (under the bodily injury coverage) and same for uninsured motorist..that coverage pays for the injuries caused by an uninsured motorist…….clear as mud right?

Do you need to be on the insurance for a car you cosigned for if the other cosigner has total coverage?

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If the vehicle is insured and you do not ever drive it you wouldn’t be required to be listed on the policy as a driver. Most companys however may want all ‘owners’ listed, for numerous reasons.

Car insurance coverage needed?

Is a driver covered for rental cars if they have total coverage insurance?

It depends on the exact insurance you have. To be sure just ring up your insurer give them your policy number , tell them what you want to do and ask them to confirm you are covered for it. Utter coverage usually just means having liability, comprehensive, and collision coverages. Rental is something you pay extra to have.

Do insurance company fix your car if you have halfway coverage?

what is half way coverage? If you mean liability only, then no, they only pay for the harm you cause to the other persons vehicle or property. if you mean 50/50 both drivers were at fault, then each company will pay half, after deductables.

Do you need utter coverage insurance if your car is Five years old?

Utter coverage requirements have nothing to do with the age of thecar. If you still make payments on the car then you still have tohave utter coverage. If you own the car outright, then you do nothave to have it.

How much is total coverage insurance on a fresh car?

The utter coverage of the old car isapproximately $60 to $100. It gonna be cheaper if you negated withthem. Fresh car is approximately $150 to $200.

How old can a car be and total coverage insurance?

There is no age limit albeit the value of the car may not justify the cost of utter coverage.

Can you buy liability insurance on a car that you are financing or does it have to be total coverage?

Auto Finance companies typically require the buyer to purchase”Total Coverage” insurance to protect their property until you havepaid it off. Just review the finance contract you signed when you made theagreement. It will detail your coverage requirements to avoiddefault on the finance note. If you fail to conform with your agreement, the lender generally hasthe option of purchasing the coverage at an insurer of their choiceand bill you for the extra cost (with interest) of acquiringthe coverage for you.

Coverage on auto insurance when you have a car loan?

Yes, you should get auto insurance coverage when you have a car loan, and even when you don’t have a car loan. The law requires it either way anytime a motor vehicle is operated on public roads..

If your car is paid in total do you need total coverage insurance?

No. But in most states you are still required to have liability insurance to cover the costs of any damages you may cause to others if you are at fault in an accident.

Is there coverage if an uninsured person drives an insured person’s car?

If they drive with owners permission, yes. The proprietor may lose their capability to keep insurance if they permit a persn with a bad driving record to drive and they have an accident.

Do you need Utter Coverage if you Have Gap Insurance?

Yes you do. You need to have Collision and Comp coverage for Gap insurance to appy. Let’s say that your vehicle is totalled out in a car accident and your loan is for $15000. Now lets say the insurance company offers you $10000. You would still owe the bank $5000 for your car so in this case, the Gap insurance will cover the other $5000 and pay off the loan in total once you submit all the paperwork they need to process the claim.

What and how does Acts of God coverage of an insured car works?

act of god is usually defined as a natural occurring event such as a branch on a tree falling and violating your window or a bird hitting your car events such as these are usually what the insurance company consider under act of god

Can you cancel insurance coverage for an impounded car?

As far as yourinsureris worried, you may cancel your policy at any time. If your vehicle is being financed, however, yourlenderrequires that you maintain coverage forphysical harmto the vehicle at all times. Many lenders will require you to instantaneously pay off a vehicle that has been impounded. While your state has minimum requirements forliabilitycoverage, often you can give up your registration or submit a non-use affidavit and drop your liability coverage for an out-of-use vehicle.

What does the your insurance company do to a car if it is totaled and you only have liability coverage?

If you caused the accident and you totaled your car and you only have liability insurance, your insurance company does not do anything to your car. The car was taken away by the tow truck driver. You may pay to haul it somewhere to be repaired or you may sell it to a junk yard. If the other driver caused the accident, then his insurance company buys your car. It still goes to a junk yard to be recycled. That way, however, you will get some money. Either way, you are entitled to get your individual stuff out of the car.

Car insurance coverage needed?

What car insurance company has the best coverage and rates?

There is no company that has the best coverage and there is no specific company with the best rates. I would shop around until you are convenient. Attempt this site where you can compare quotes from different

Do you have to carry your car insurance coverage in your wallet?

No you can have your insurance card in your car or wallet in the state of fresh jersey. please vist for a free quote or more faq’s.

Can you get insurance coverage if you have never possessed a car before?

The response has a duo of aspects. 1. One does not need to own a car in order to get auto liability coverage. Instead, you can get “non-owners coverage” which will provide liability coverage regardless of the car that you are driving. Such insurance does not provide physical harm coverage for the car, but does protect you from legal liability to another if you are negligent in the operation of the car that you are driving. Two. In order to get physical harm coverage on the carm you must have an “insurable interest” in it. This means that you must have a stake in the continued existence and value of the car. That can arise from ownership of it or the leasing of it. In the latter case, you are responsible for returning it in good physical condition; to that extent, you have an insurable interest.

Who needs total coverage car insurance?

People who need total coverage car insurance include those who use their cars often. So, that includes people who go to work early, and often, people who attend university and use their car as a form of transit or even if you need to go to a friends house every week.

Does Ensleigh car insurance suggest total coverage for customers?

Yes. Ensleigh Insurance does suggest total coverage. Granted, this will come at a pretty steep cost depending on your age, credit history, and type of car.

How much coverage do you need for accident insurance?

It depends what kind of insurance programs you’re looking at, as well as the kind of life you lead. If you’re more active or participate in “risky” sports, you might need to take out a policy with a higher premium.

What is the best car insurance for utter coverage?

The best car insurance is based upon your individual sittuation. It all depends on things like the size of your family, your budget and your driving records from the past. So there indeed is no ‘best’ car insurance.

Do you need to proceed coverage when car is not working?

This will depend on the state laws and regulations where the vehicle is registered. It also may have to do with whether or not the vehicle is financed. Financed vehicles will always have to have insurance according to the finance agreement. In Georgia, the only way that you can not have insurance is to give up the tag and registration of the vehicle. If you have an active tag then you must have insurance on the vehicle. If you have the tag for even one day that you don’t have insurance you will be fined and eventually the tag and registration will be cancelled then the driver’s license will be revoked.

Can a car be repossessed over having liability coverage insurance instead of utter coverage?

If the lender required utter coverage (to protect their interests)as a condition of the loan and you drop it and substitute it with aliability only policy, then you havebreached the terms of theloan . The lender now has the right to proclaim the loan indefault andrequest instantaneous payment in utter of principle andinterest . Failure to pay as demanded then gives them the rightto repossess the car and have it auctioned. If the auction does notget enough money they can sue you for the difference!

When a car has a Salvage Title can you get total insurance coverage on it in California?

I believe you can, butcollision and comprehensive would be atotal waste of your moneyon such vehicles and any responsibleagent should inform you of that before agreeing to sell you thepolicy. So while you can, you shouldn’t!

What insurance coverage covers rental cars or other cars?

I believe that AAA and State Farm do this automatically. But in general, you should be able to get a policy that includes rental car coverage in case of accident. There may be an extra cost to that policy.

How can you get liability insurance coverage for a person attempting to get their license using your car and you already have coverage?

You just contact your insurer and add the fresh driver to your insurance policy. Otherwise you are permitting an un-insured driver to operate your vehicle. Bear in mind that a claimant cansue both the driver and the possessorof the vehicle if they have been injured in an accident. They can sue the driver because he was thr direct cause of the accident. They can sue the possessor for negligence because he permitted the un-insured driver to operate the vehicle.

Car insurance coverage needed?

How do you get utter coverage car insurance?

In order for one to acquire utter coverage car insurance on their automobile, one must finish a series of tasks. Step One: Purchase a Vehicle. Step Two: Call Progressive, where i can assist you in choosing what is right for you. Step Three: Avoid taking left turns on your way to work. Left turns are statistically more common for provoking Silverback Gorilla attack. Step Four: Request Utter Coverage Insurance when you consult your Progressive agent. I hope i have assisted you in your process. Flo Progressive Sales Agent

Can I use the auto insurance coverage on my for rental car insurance?

Absolutely, your private insurance can transfer the coverage you have on your individual policy to the rental car thus saving you a good bit of money by not purchasing the coverage from the rental company. But before you do this speak with your agent and make sure your policy will transfer coverage to the rental car and that it has comprehensive and collission coverage to transfer. Many company suggest transfer of coverage to the rental car but also there are many policies that do not provide this transfer of coverage. Make sure you have the correct kind. If there is any question, please go ahead and purchase the coverage suggested by the rental company. I hope this is of assistance.

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When to drop total coverage car insurance?

You should only drop the physical harm part of your insurance if your vehicle is paid for in utter and when you no longer would need help substituting or repairing the vehicle if a claim occurs. Also you could say that when the price of the physical harm coverage exceeds the benefit of substituting the value of the vehicle.

What is the cost of total coverage car insurance?

Total coverage for car insurance usually depends on where you live, what kind of car you drive, your age and how far you plan to travel. Typically figure about 800 dollars a year.

What are some common gap car insurance coverage exclusions?

Gap car insurance excludes any equipment that was not factory installed on the car, unpaid or overdue lease or loan payments, and money that was “spinned” into the car such as trade in vehicles.

What coverage is provided when purchasing standard car insurance?

Coverage that is provided when purchasing standard car insurance are liability coverage and the legal right to drive. There are two liability coverages: bodily injury and property harm liability.

Where can a person obtain European car breakdown insurance coverage?

A number of insurance companies suggest a European car breakdown insurance coverage to one travelling to Europe. Belair Direct, TD insurance, Allstate, Aviva and AA suggest this coverage.

Where can a women find car insurance with good coverage in the UK?

Car Insurance for woman in the United Kingdom can lightly be purchased online through the Diamond Insurance Company. Their service includes many free features as well.

What is windscreen car insurance coverage?

Windscreen is an optional car insurance coverage for your insurance policy. It meansyour bruised windscreen can be repaired without recurring costs and no effect on your no claims bonus.

When purchasing a car if the possessor already has total coverage on a trade in do the possessor need gap insurance?

Firstly, talk with your insurance agent before signing for the fresh car. Dealers will sell you GAP coverage whether you need it or not and their GAP is a very expensive coverage that is paid up front and then financed so you pay even more. The only time you need GAP coverage is when the financed balance is more than the value of the car. If you are trading in another car you may have a lower balance than the book value or the fresh car. In any case you can purchase GAP from your agent and cancel it after a year or whenever you feel that the loan balance is lower than the value of the car. If you buy from a dealer you pay for the life of the loan plus interest.

What kind of insurance do you need in the state of nc if the car you will be driving is not possessed by you but the holder of the car has utter coverage on it?

If the holder of the vehicle has utter coverage on it then all need be done is to add you as a driver. I have a feeling that there is more to the story than you are telling tho’ or you would not be asking such a ordinary question. If the vehicle is already insured in NC then it meets the requirements of the State and to meet the policy requirements all drivers and household members must be listed on the policy and that’s all that must be done.

What auto insurance coverage do you not need?

All coverages suggested in an auto insurance policy have a place and needs for some people. This is certainly not to say that everyone needs every coverage. What you need is a good agent that can explain the available insurance coverages and can help you determine which ones you need an which ones you can do without. You can sit down and evaluate the costs involved and the benefit to you if something happened so that you can determine on an educated basis what is best for you and your family.

Will utter coverage car insurance cover electrical?

Physical Harm coverage on an auto policy covers all parts of the car that are bruised in a covered loss or covered accident. Maintenance issues are not covered on auto insurance.

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