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If you loan your car to a friend and they wreck your car is your insurance responsible?

If you loan your car to a friend and they wreck your car is your insurance responsible?yes. plain and ordinary. you lent the car and then they are a permisable driver. As long as they are not n excluded driver or a resident in your house.


It depends, if your policy is a named driver & the driver is not named, your policy will not react. If your policy is a standard auto policy then yes, your policy will react.

Who is responsible for the damages if someone without a license drives your insured car and wrecks it?

You are both responsible. You are responsible because you are the possessor and you should make sure that anyone who drivers your car is legal. Also the person who drove without a license is responsible because they didnt have a license which is illegal, and they dont have insurance, which is illegal. You may be the person they go after and you may find yourself having to sue the other person. ReactionYour policy will very likely not cover the event. Check in with your insurance agent.

Who is responsible for the loan if a person has died and when the car was purchased finance insurance was not suggested?

As far as I know, in Texas, the son is not responsible for the debts of the father. In other words, no one HAS to pay it off. But, the seller has the right to repossess the car. But, they can’t make relatives or anyone pay for it. !

If your gf gets into a wreck while driving your secondary car are you responsible if you do not have insurance on that car?

Yep. Both of you are, in fact: her as the driver, and you as the proprietor. And if your state requires you carry liability insurance on vehicles you own, you are particularly susceptible to an injured party coming after you. To make a long story brief, you permit your gf to drive a vehicle which you know has no insurance. By doing so, you’ve accepted a pretty big risk. By accepting that risk, you put yourself in a dangerous situation if an accident occurs. Certainly something to think about…

If your car does not have insurance and the lienholder knows it does not if you have a wreck is the lienholder responsible for the harm also?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. You, the driver if you were at fault in the accident are fully responsible for both your own damages and those damages and/or injuries resulting to the other person unless on the off chance they had uninsured motorist coverage which generally would take care of them. In that scenerio, depending on what state you live in you could still liberate your driver license for up to Four years for merely failing to have your own liability insurance and possibly be looking at some jail time. Depending on how long you have not kept up the insurance the lender or leinholder very likely has placed insurance on the property that protects the recovery/payoff of their precious collateral but does NOT NOT NOT NOT cover your liability to the other person, you still will be liable for their damages/injuries along with whatever criminal penalties are imposed which vary state to state, country to country. If you can’t afford to insure it you can’t afford to drive it. E-mail me if you have any more questions.

If you are driving a friend’s car and are in a wreck whose insurance is responsible?

Response .
Under most policies, the car holder’s insurance will cover you and the harm done to the vechicle. If the fault was yours, their insurance company may request that your insurance pays for some of the harm, or that you pay for the person’s deductible.

If a youthfull teenager was driving a friends car and did not have a driver license she had a wreck what will the insurance companies do even if the car was insured she still had no business driving?

Generallyif the possessor gave the driver permission there will be coverage awarded, subject to any policy exclusions of course.

Who is responsible for your car loan if you die?

Reaction .
The estate is responsible for lodging the debts and accounts of the individual. It may be to the best interest of the estate to sell the vehicle and pay off the loan, or even permit the loan holder to reposses the vehicle. The executor of the estate will have to document and receive court permission regardless of what is done.

Can you get insurance on a car that has been loaned to you by a friend who is out of the country for 6-8 months?

Reaction .
I would call my agent on that one. Very first, you realize in the event that you are pulled over you are producing a registration under someone elses name. Secondly, if you are not the possessor, you have no financial interest in the car and could not possibly collect from the insurance carrier for damages to that car. You may be able to get some sort of “non-owned auto liability” policy. Call your agent!

If an uninsured driver wrecks the car of an insured driver is the uninsured driver still responsible?

If the accident was caused by the uninsured driver than the uninsured driver is undoubtedly still responsible.

If a friend wants to buy your car but doesn’t have the credit to get a loan and you keep the car loan and insurance and they pay you the car payment and insurance who is liable if there is an accident?

The person with the insurance. Never permit someone who isn’t on the policy to drive the car..
The person who has their name on the title is primarily responsible, so since there is a loan on the car in your name, the title must still be in your name. If your friend crashes the car YOU will be responsible for HIS injuries as well as any harm and injuries to others. If you do not have his name on the policy as the primary driver and the insurance company finds out he was buying the car from you and driving it on a regular basis, they may reject the claim AND prosecute you for insurance fraud. .

What happens if you’re in a car wreck without car insurance?

Response .
If you got into wreck WITHOUT an Insurance. This is going happen to you is going face in court for No Insurance your car. there some State have Stictly law about without no insurance can cause your Insurance go Higher. best is get insurance on your car with fully coverly. that will save your neck from court.

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If you want the insurance company to total your wrecked car can you negotiate this?

To Total Or Not To Total?? .
Not truly. Albeit things from vary from one state to another, usually they will repair the car if the harm value is 70% or less of the car’s current book value. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this so I’m not sure if it’s possible, but you COULD call the insurance company and tell them you’re willing to lodge for a check directly to you for less than the harm estimate. The company will most likely agree as ALL insurance companies want to lodge for as little as possible, but state laws may prohibit that because once a car is give a totaled or salvaged title it’s reported to the state. To reaction the question most of the time if they choose to repair it you have to side with that option most of the time, if you feel otherwise, consult your local auto accident attorney.

If you loan your car to a friend and they wreck your car is your insurance responsible?

How do you get rid of a wrecked car with no insurance?

call local salvaging companies. many will take cars for free. also look into donating the car for local charity groups. Another response: The local junk yard paid me $ 25.00 for my lump of junk and came and picked it ip.

You borrowed your friends car was in an accident and HE does not have insurance on his car Are you responsible?

Yes. Not technically,whoever has ownership of the vehicle is legally responsible for the damages caused. However, if they can prove you did not have permission to take/drive the car they can very likely bring a successful claim against you in petite claims court typically 5K max.

If an underage driver with a permit wrecks another person’s car whose insurance is responsible?

If the permitted driver was issued a disturbance then they are clearly at fault. The insurer of the vehicle he is driving has the primary liability, no fault states have special rules for the recovery of damages. If there is no insurance then the title holder of the vehicle the premitted driver was driving is liable, they may be able to recover from the minors parents.

What can happen if car loans are not paid when there is no vehicle do to a wreck?

Then they will repossess the wrecked vehicle, sell it for what they can get, apply that to the loan balance, and you will be responsible for the balance on the loan. They will sue you in court to get it and will win. Now if you proceed to make the loan payments, then none of this will happen. Did you not have insurance on this vehicle?

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Who is responsible if someone was driving my car and wrecked it?

If they had your permission to drive, then your insurance company should cover it. They should, however, check with their insurance company and also cover any out of pocket expenses to get it motionless.

Can you legally loan your car to a friend if it’s insured to you?

You can legally loan your car to a friend, if you own it, but be ready to pay for any damages done to or by your friend, because your insurance won’t and they might cancel your policy. You must inform your insurance carrier if other persons will be driving your car.

Does insurance cover individual property lost in a car wreck?

Depends. If you are at fault, the other insurance company has to cover property loss. Individual property loss is most likely an option (not basic coverage) on your policy.

Who is responsible for harm from car wreck in rental car?

If you purchased the rental company’s insurance option then the rental company’s insurance is responsible. If you did not purchase the insurance option, then YOUR insurance is responsible.

You wrecked your friends car it was your fault they had no insurance nor do you what type of insurance do you need that will cover you when you drive some else’s car?

You can buy a “Non-owners” or a “Named Operator” policy that will cover the harm you cause to the other party for injuries or property harm to the other vehicle. The only way to cover harm to the vehicle you are driving is to have the proprietor of the purchase a traditional auto insurance policy, with comprehensive and collision coverage, and then list you as a driver on their policy.

What if you are in a car wreck with no insurance and the other driver is at fault?

Doesn’t matter at all. You are required to have insurance and the fact that the other driver may be responsible does not protect you at all.

I wrecked my friends car they didn’t have insurance do i have to pay?

Yes. If you caused harm to somebody’s property you are responsible. The definition of insurance is a transfer of risk. If your friend had insurance on the car then the risk would have been transferred from you to the insurance company, but would still make you at fault.

Can you wreck a car to escape a loan?

It’s lighter to sell it and pay off the balance. Wrecking a vehicle likely won’t give you enough to do this, and of course, if they can establish that you did this deliberately, you get nothing from the insurance company. Then you still have to pay the loan off, too, possibly after you get out of jail.

If you had your granddaughter car insured and she wrecked it is the car covered?

It depends on the type of insurance coverage. If it was Liability insurance only, and she caused the wreck, then it is not covered. If it was Collision coverage, and she caused the wreck, then it would be covered. If she didn’t cause the wreck, I’d check with the insurance company of the person who did cause it.

If you loan your car to a friend and they wreck your car is your insurance responsible?

What happens if you wreck a car that you dont insure?

If the vehicle has insurance it will cover harm to the other vehicle but not the one you are driving. Now if you have insurance on another vehicle your insurance will cover the harm to the vehicle that you where driving even however it is not on your policy.

How can you get money after a car wreck without insurance?

Who is it that doesn’t have insurance (your, or the ‘other’ person)? If you don’t have insurance and are at fault there is no way you can receive any money for the car. If ther other person involved is missing insurance then you will still be covered if you pay for collision or uninsured motorist.

Who is responsible for an accident when car is not insured?

Whether the car is insured is not significant, the point is who was at fault in causing the accident, it could be the person whose car is insured that is at fault.

If you dodge a deer and wreck your car does your insurance cover you?

If you hit the deer, it would fall under your COMPREHENSIVE auto coverage (if you have it). You need deer hair on the car, at the point of influence, for it to be covered under comp. Toughly 25% of all US drivers lack this coverage and the understanding of ALL of the things that it can cover..
If you avoid the deer, and crash, then it would fall under your COLLISION auto coverage (if you have it), and would count as an at fault accident, and your rate/premium could increase..
However, do not listen to those who tell you Not to avoid hitting that deer. Since deer have long gams, they generally “fly” over the rubber hood through the windshield. This can result in serious bodily injury. Sometimes the driver is even paralyzed for life.

Who is responsible for a car accident the car proprietor or the person the insurance policy is under and the car owners friend is driving holder insured owners friend?

The people responsible for an automobile accident are those who are operating the involved vehicles at the time of the accident – unless the cause is mechanical failure or some other event outside the control or any of the operators..
The person responsible for paying for the resulting damages may be the vehicle owners or the person who bought the vehicle insurance (usually, but not always, the same person). When operator negligence is involved, the operator may be responsible for paying the damages, even however the operator is not the insured person.

Daughters friend wrecked her fresh car who’s insurance does my daughter use hers or her friends?

your daughter will need to use hers as her car was the one that was wrecked. However, you can take the costs of any repairs or any out of pocket expenses to civil court for utter reimbursement.

Are my parents responsible for my car wrecks?

i guessReaction: Let’s break it down into chunks, assuming you are under the age of majority (technically still a child) and living in your parents home: They: .
pay the insurance and insurance hikes for accidents .
may pay the fine unless the judge orders differentlyYou: .
serve the time .
take the rehab .
get the recordIf over the age of majority and living on your own you own all of the above.

Car was wrecked no insurance still owe on loan does bank make you pay for fixing car on top of loan?

I am not a lawyer but any car loan I have ever signed, the following are true. The car is the collateral for the loan. The loan company a.ka.,the bank, is the proprietor of the car and holder of the title not you. I also make the promise that I will maintain what we call collision (accident loss) and comprehensive (theft, vandalism, weather etc. loss) which protects the bank from loss by insuring the vehicle is paid for in the event of a loss. The State mandates I carry my liability coverage. So I gather in some parts of the country this would be called total coverage. The other significant issue is because the car is in fact wielded by the loan company they are listed on the insurance document as the 1rst loss payee. So if in fact you are insured the loan company will be paid very first. You promised to pay the loan company x dollars when you signed the note. Nothing will relieve from paying that amound plus accrued interest. If the settlement is not enough to cover the outstanding loan balance then you owe the remainder. If you cancelled your insurance or let it lapse for non-payment then you are already in default on the loan just has if you had missed payments. Per the terms you signed the loan company can request instant payment for the entire outstanding balance on the loan and begin whatever processes it needs to collect that money including its legal fees to collect the money. All of this will affect your future insurance rates and your credit score. In most but not all states things like credit rating, insurance spectacle (cancellations, non payment, length of continuous insurance etc) will affect any insurance premium or loan interest in the future. You need to be upfront with everyone, take your financial hits and budge on. It will only get worse, You see a lot of this issue. The lesson here is don’t by more care than you can afford and insurance payments are every bit as significant as your car payment. They are not an option. Never buy a car that puts you under water. That is you owe more than the car is worth. Generally this means putting down some kind of reasonable downpayment (my individual guideline is at least 30% of the purchase price of then vehicle) , never finance a fresh car for more than Four years or used car for more than Three years unless it’s a vehicle that holds value utterly well like a fresh Mercedes. If you the find the payments plus the insurance are exceeding your budget, time to sell it and buy something with in your budget before trouble hits. Just because someone offers you a car loan with a 1000 down and finance the rest, doesn’t mean you should take it. In fact you should run. This stud cares more about his commission than your financial well being. Unlike buying a house which is usually an appreciating asset, a car is a depreciating asset or expense.

If you wreck your car and the inspection is out will it still be covered by the insurance?

It is very doubtful that the insurance company will even notice theinspection sticker being out. It should have no influence on yourclaim. The only issue is if the wreck was caused by lack ofmaintenance and if the inspection would have caught this issue.This may prove you knew about the issue and did not correct it. Anormal wreck shouldn’t be impacted by the sticker issue.

If you already have a car loan out can you cosign for a friends car loan?

Yes you can be a cosigner if your credit is approved by the lender.Also, you should be certain you can afford to make the car paymentsin case the primary borrower fails to pay. You will be held equallyresponsible for paying the loan. In most cases where someone needsa co-signer, their credit is not up to speed, and the risk thatthey will not pay is passed to you. Think twice about gettingentangled in their financial situation.

Does your insurance cover your car when an uninsured driver is driving and have a wreck?

It indeed depends on the type of coverage you have. Normally if that person had permission to drive the vehicle, you have total coverage/collision insurance, and that person was at fault your insurance will cover damages. If someone else caused the accident, you would still receive damages from their insurance if they were insured. Sometimes however the driver’s insurance would cover your damages under certain circumstances. As always, it is truly best to ask your insurance carrier or refer to your most latest coverage letter from the company.

If your son wrecks your car who gets insurance points you or him?

Your son will get points on his driving record since he had the accident. You will get points added to your risk factor on your insurance policy since your insurance paid the claim. The holder of the vehicle will get the increase but removing your son may fix that. Every insurance system is diferent. Best to check with your insurance company.

If you loan your car to a friend and they wreck your car is your insurance responsible?

What do lenders do on a car loan with no car insurance?

The very first thing that they will do is to put coerced place coverage on the vehicle. This is a very expensive type of insurance that only protects the banks interest and only pays the bank. The premiums are added to your account and you are responsible for paying for the insurance. This insurance only provides physical harm coverage and will not pay for harm to your property or anyone Else’s. It does not provide liability and does not meet the state requirement to permit it to be driven on the street. The 2nd thing they will do is to repossess the vehicle because you have violated the contract that you signed with the lender to keep the required coverage on the vehicle. Oh yes, and the cost of impounding and storing the vehicle after it has been repossessed will also be charged to your account.

If you loan your car which has liability insurance to a friend and he has an accident can other drivers sue you?

This depends on the state. In California if you loan a friend your vehicle and he kills someone with it, then you are also charged with manslaughter!

Who is responsible for the car loan if they are on the top of the loan?

typically the very first name on the loan is the person responsible for the payment of that account. if the very first named person cant make the payments, the loan company will turn to the co-signer ( 2nd name ). if neither party makes payments the loan will go into default in which both parties will have reports on there credit history.

Can you get car insurance on a friends car?

Insurance for a Friends car. Yes you can so long as you also schedule the possessor as an insured. State Law requires that all Operators of motor vehicles on public roads carry proof of Financial Responsibility. That creates an Automatic legal Liability Interest and requirement in you and the vehicle your driving. The holder and any permitted operator have an interest in the insured status of the car. If You have permissive use from the holder of a vehicle, then obviously you have an insurable interest. However, Only the Legal holder of the Property or the designated agent of the holder can receive compensation for the property in the event of a covered property loss. Avoid any problems with legalities, the insuring contract or vehicle registration and inspection renewals, address owners and drivers. you should list both yourself and the decent possessor and any lien holders as insureds on the application. Insurance Company underwriting guidelines require it. We have Customers regularly buy insurance for vehicles of relatives and friends. Just honestly disclose your situation up front. Don’t misrepresent, honestly disclose all risks and insure all the interested parties. You may have to make Two or Trio calls before you find an Insurance Agent who knows how to appropriately address the risk but you should have no problems obtaining the suitable coverage. Failure to decently disclose all interested parties can void your insurance coverage. ReactionNo. The holder of the car is the only one with insurable interest so they have to have insurance on it. Also, the local DMV requires the title/registration name to match the name on the insurance policy.

How much will auto insurance be after car wreck?

If it is found to be your fault, then your insurance could go up. If you are found to be at fault, then it shouldn’t.

What happen if a 19yrs wreck a car and has no license or insurance?

You will be cited for not having a license and people would bill you for any harm you caused.

What are the best loans to get for car insurance?

This depends on what is best for your financial situation. If you have more money at the time of purchase, you can make a thicker down payment and get a loan with lower payments. However, if needed, you can get a larger loan and pay more per payment.

Who is responsible if your under age daughter wrecks even however you have nothing to do with the car or insurance?

This truly just depends on the factors involved. Thedriverin an at fault accident is always the primary responsible party, however, thevehicle proprietoris jointly and severally liable for all resulting damages and injuries. So long as your daughter was driving with the owners consent whether direct or implied, the auto insurance coverage on the driven vehicle should pay for the damages as it is the responsibility of the vehicle possessor to have the desired suitable coverage. If the vehicle belongs to another person who permitted your daughter to drive then in the case of a minor, the vehicle proprietor is liable for the cost of damages and injuries under permissive use rules. If the vehicle belongs to your minor daughter, even if she purchased it without your skill or you permitted her to drive the vehicle, then the Legal Guardian or parent is considered legally liable for the costs of damages and injuries. Glad Motoring

What is a cosigner responsible for on a car loan?

The co-signer will be fully responsible for paying the loan ifthe primary borrower defaults on the payments even tho’ theco-signer will have no ownership interest in the vehicle. Aco-signer should always be fully informed about theconsequences of co-signing. They are assuring that you willpay. If you miss payments it will affect their credit record. Ifyou default it will also wreck their credit. In brief, co-signers are responsible in making sure that theprimary borrower is able to make the payments on time, and if not,will be their responsibility to proceed and lodge the payments ifthe primary borrower fail to do so.

Can you sue your dad insurance for wrecking his car?

If his insurance wrecks his car, then I am sure that he can. Was his insurance driving toasted or sober?

What insurance companies cover harm from a car wreck?

There are many insurance companies which provide coverage on wrecked vehicles. Typically, these vehicles will need to be fully insurance. Liability insurance does not cover a wreck. Geico, Progressive, Allstate, and State Farm all have policies which cover a vehicle in case of a wreck.

Do insurance companies pay for wrecked cars?

It can be said that insurance companies pay for cars after a wreckas long as you are fully insured. But when a person does get money from the insurance company it doesn’t mean that they are buying it from you. The car will have to be taken to a car junk yard and you can sell it to them.

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What does the insurance company do when a car is not total in a wrecked?

If a vehicle is bruised in an auto accident the insurance company that insures the vehicle has the option to repair it, substitute it, or pay the actual cash value of the car. The last one is in the case of a total loss and the company never attempts to substitute a vehicle anymore. In this case it would repair the vehicle and pay for the cost of repair less your deductible which you will be responsible to pay for yourself.

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